Day 3 – Sparsholt Firs to Compton

13 miles to do today & it’s very wet & windy outside. I’m emailing & blogging & Tom is face booking as we both try to find reasons not to start yet.

Think I’ll give it 30 mins for my meds to kick in & then go for it for the first 2/3 hours. Been noticing a significant drop in ability after about 4 hours & possibly 6 hours walking today!

Blue sky ahead with 13 k completed in 2.5 hours. After 2 days of familial abuse, I have switched to metric as miles don’t work for Tom!

No wonder the country doesn’t know where it’s going…Tom suggests mass employment swapping all road signs to km – I think he might have a good point & we may raise it if we see David Cameron as we cross the drive at Chequers on Monday afternoon!






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