The Equality Act 2010

This is for anyone out there who has / is / may in future suffer from discrimination due to their condition as we have seen some rather unpleasant examples of this week. Narcolepsy is a disability & therefore a “protected characteristic” as defined by The Equality Act 2010. It is against the law to discriminate…

Recipe Book to raise money for Narcolepsy UK

A mother with a family member suffering from Narcolepsy has produced an A5 colour cookbook (cover attached) with over 100 recipes collected over the years from different countries.   Recipes include Smoked Oyster Pate, Meatloaf Mortadella, Turnip Puff, Moroccan Carrot Salad and Tiramisu (contents attached). All profits will be donated to The British Lung Foundation, Narcolepsy UK and National and Regional…

Costa Coffee

Narrowly avoiding a cataplectic attack caused by an exceptionally crap cup of Costa Coffee! No names but it was a branded branch in a motorway service station. They must train their people really well to manage to m**k standard coffee up to that degree!


Woke up today holding an onion….. Not a real one but a hypnagogic version! Was in a nameless superstore who’s chillers had broken down so the onion was warm, squeezable & sprouting. Dreamt all night but can’t recall details. If you are Narcoleptic, comment on your vegetable dreams!