Day 2 – Liddington Hill to Sparsholt Firs

Stiff as boards be eased out of Ruperts car & donned our rucksacks for another day of walking. Not so far today, just 9’ish miles including interesting ancient monuments like Waylands Smithy, Uffington Castle & of course, the White Horse at Uffington.

The weather much improved, I took advantage of a kip stop on top of Uffington Castle whilst Tom walked between the sheep to try to find a 3G signal for more Facebooking with friends met on holiday.

The most text or alert results for the day was clearly won by Tom with the results feeling something like 3,241:5!

Arrived at our new lodging @ Sparsholt Firs just before 3 today, ahead of a long 13 miles tomorrow, to find a large roll top bath in the room made in just my size! Black labradors and Border Terriers sitting on our laps & ignoring their normal procedure.

Joanna & Charles Whittington were great hosts & we even got to see the 2 week old black Labrador puppies! I know a few people who would love to take one home……..any takers?






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