Legal ruling forces government to compensate people with swine flu vaccination injuries

From Narcolepsy UK Facebook site

We won’t re-write what has already been written here but it goes without saying that we are proud to have been involved in supporting this case with our efforts.
As we have stated before, Narcolepsy UK only exists to help ALL people with narcolepsy and this case shows that as we continue to work with others by raising awareness and championing the increasing need for our particular condition to be taken seriously, it will happen.
This particular case has seen 2 appeals by the Department of Work & Pensions dismissed as well as acknowledging the impact of the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix. It also acknowledges, perhaps for the first time, the serious nature of our condition in the public eye.
We have seen cases lately of not only medication being refused at Clinical Commissioning Group level but now existing medication being withdrawn by the NHS from people with narcolepsy who can only now regress to a medication less effective to them personally.
Lets all be thankful that those impacted by this vaccine may be offered some assistance and at the same time take stock of the current situation and continue to press for support & medications to be made available to those people with narcolepsy who have contracted the condition via other means.
Please keep our petition going – its so important for all of us.
PRESS RELEASE FROM Hodge Jones & Allen below…/legal-ruling-forces-government-to-com…/

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