Can medication stop you dreaming?

I don’t really get it……..
I know I have a brain, having had MRI’s at least a decade apart, but I still have a huge memory gap in terms of what happens in my dreams / REM state.
I know I don’t get “restful” sleep, I know I have nightmares, I know I serially dream& I know I sometimes remember them well enough to describe vividly in the morning……but not always!
Hence, no dream blogs…….bit of a shame because I’d like us Narcoleptics to share & feel normal as well as the wider population understanding this is not about “not getting enough sleep” or anything near it.
Many dreams can be personal as well as situations & may involve people you know well but if we outed the nightmares, wouldn’t that make the world a better place for us?
Will happily blog my dreams but encourage everyone else to do the same…….
Meds don’t stop my dreams. You?


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