Woke up today holding an onion….. Not a real one but a hypnagogic version! Was in a nameless superstore who’s chillers had broken down so the onion was warm, squeezable & sprouting. Dreamt all night but can’t recall details. If you are Narcoleptic, comment on your vegetable dreams!

Can medication stop you dreaming?

I don’t really get it…….. I know I have a brain, having had MRI’s at least a decade apart, but I still have a huge memory gap in terms of what happens in my dreams / REM state. I know I don’t get “restful” sleep, I know I have nightmares, I know I serially dream&…

Mad Penguins / Melting Ice

Another fun night in Narcolepsy land…..Penguins as tall as me but better prepared for arctic weather. Serial dreaming involving attacking penguins, hopping, diving, falling in between ice floe after ice floe….. Lasting memory, clear blue water, ice on top (too thick to break), penguins not happy, me…drowning.

Who stole my shed?

Thought I might start being ultra-brave & blogging some Narcolepsy driven dreams. My hope is that those of you who understand & have the condition understand & feel somewhat more “normal”. Those interested in learning & understanding read on……. So, after a few minor shed break ins I dream someone has disassembled the garden shed…