Who stole my shed?

Thought I might start being ultra-brave & blogging some Narcolepsy driven dreams.
My hope is that those of you who understand & have the condition understand & feel somewhat more “normal”.
Those interested in learning & understanding read on…….
So, after a few minor shed break ins I dream someone has disassembled the garden shed & made off with it!
Firstly I am pissed off so collapse, secondly I decide to Pursue / look for clues. Faced by too many antagonists & the odd large rat, I retreat to another dream where I am touring mid-Europe in a converted army personnel carrier!
I wake, arrested & cash fined for some dubious error in a petrol station. No money to pay fine & collapse under duress!
Typical Narceptic Dream for me but before this happened to me, the good guys would have won!

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