UK Work Capability Assessment

More stuff that just doesn’t make sense!

Where to start…….?

I’m currently employed but on a Long Term Disability Scheme which, luckily, mean that I still receive some income.

Down side is that I still have to deal with the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) & claim my National Insurance contribution element of Employee Support Allowance.

This is subseququently deducted from my pay as part of my employers Long Term Disability Scheme & I still pay more National Insurance every month than I receive back & a lot more tax.

Now here’s the issue……………….I’m invited to attend an assessment with Atos Healthcare (outsourced UK Govnt contractor) on Sunday 02/11/12 @ 14:15 so I make a few calls to DWP, explain I am still employed & the outcome of their “assessment” is likely to be that they place me into a “Work Support Group” i.e. at somepoint, I will be fit to return to SOME sort of employment. This means I also should attend my local “Jobcentre Plus” where I can be helped to hone my interview skills & find employment, only I am already employed & state that this my cause me to be in breach of contract…….or at best, I do not need a new job – yet!

Am told these are the “rules” so my wife drives me the 30 miles to Reading, only to hear an hour before the assessment that the person (Doctor?) conducting it has gone home sick…………………Oh, the luxury!

Cataplexy cast to one side (internalised & managed(ish), I take all of this on the chin, but mention to my wife that I would not be surprised to hear that I have failed to attend the assessment & therefore will have some medieval act of punishment inflicted upon me……..What a relief when all that happens is that I receive ANOTHER appointment letter from Atos Healthcare, reminding me that “we know we need to see you for an assessment in relation to your benefit claim. Your appointment at 2:15 on Sunday 4th has been rescheduled to……………………………….”

Apology…..not a chance & no doubt the “rescheduling”, by Atos Healthcare,of my assessment will not feature in any statistics on their performance measures, as set by whatever faceless bureaucrat set up the system in the first place.

I will go to the “rescheduled” event, remind them that I had already made the trip to Reading when they “cancelled” my previous appointment.


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